Dress Code

Relaxed Dress Code

The concept of smart but casual should be embraced by everyone, to ensure guests and visitors feel welcome and comfortable within the Clubhouse environment, while still maintaining an acceptable dress code.  

Dining Room, Lounge, Family Room, Spike Bar and Games Room


The Clubhouse staff are empowered to ensure that everyone using our club observe this rule. Persons not complying may be asked to leave the premises.

On the Course


The Professional and his staff are empowered to refuse access to the course to any person not complying with this code.

Mobile Telephones

The use of mobile telephones is forbidden on the course, in the Clubhouse lounges, bars, dining room and function room, the veranda and the front of the Clubhouse. Mobile telephones may be used in the entrance vestibule and at the main entrance door.

If there is a need to have a telephone switched on (such as a doctor on call) then it should be on “silent mode".