Alan McCloskey, The Club’s resident Professional, is very actively involved in golf tuition. He coaches a whole host of Golf Professionals and is the coach for the Lanarkshire Golf Association and Lothian's Boys Association. He has a vast knowledge of golf techniques and is very confident that he can help golfers of varying standards to improve their game.

Alan has won national coach of the year awards from both the PGA and SGU.

Lessons include using the GASP video system which allows you to see your swings strengths and weaknesses.

Coaching Prices are:


£39 per hour*


£20 per hour

*special rates applicable for BCGC Members.

Discounted lesson packages are available. To improve your game email Alan or call the professional shop now on 01698 801969

Junior Golf Coaching Programme

The YMG Junior Golf Programme is the first-ever educational syllabus to not only introduce boys and girls to the game of golf, but also help them develop the skills and knowledge of the game that will keep them interested and motivated long enough for the golf bug to bite.

It has been developed by a team of experienced PGA professionals golfers and is now being taught at key golf clubs all over the country by leading PGA Professionals like Alan McCloskey “YMG is aimed at boys and girls between the ages of six and thirteen years, and gives youngster everything they need to help make golf their number one sport.”

Youngsters joining a YMG Academy at Bothwell Castle Golf Club receive a comprehensive manual, which puts as much emphasis on the rules and etiquette as it does on playing the game, and there are five levels to work through, each comprising an 8-week course of one-hour lessons. The extremely attractive and carefully assembled manual enables youngsters to see what’s in store, week-by-week for each of the 5 levels (Cadets, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Masters) and each level is marked by as series of skills and knowledge challenges which the children must complete before they can move on to the next level.

“The idea is not just to show youngsters how to hit a few golf balls, but to help them understand and appreciate the nuances that make the game so fascinating. There is tremendous interest in playing the game of golf amongst boys and girls, but there has never been a structured programme to keep children involved long enough for them to really start enjoying the game. Now for the first time, an exiting junior golf programme is available to young people which not only makes it easy for them to start playing golf, but also helps them to progress to a level where they can compete with other youngsters, or simply enjoy playing a healthy, relaxing sport for the rest of their lives.”

For more details or to book a place in the YMG Programme please call 01698 801969 and speak to the Professional Staff.